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Вместе мы делаем Нидерланды ещё больше!

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Dutch Royals


Dutch Royals

Вместе мы делаем Нидерланды ещё больше!

'We are already able to built
energy neutral residential buildings'


Sustainable building-Bouwend Nederland (Dutch for 'Building Holland') wants to contribute to the vitality of the construction industry. The sector needs to innovate itself constantly. The basis to do this has been realised in the past years. How does the sustainable future of building and infra companies look like, according to Maxime Verhagen, chairman of Bouwend Nederland?


"Our sector extremely affects the conservation of the society. Collaboration between all partners within the construction industry is herewith necessary. Promoters more and more require sustainable products or services. There is also more and more legislation in the field of sustainability. An example are the demands on the energy performance of buildings. Building and infra companies are more and more searching for the balance between business achievements, social and environmental aspects. Sustainability will further influence the operational management. Corporate sustainability will become an important condition to make use of market opportunities. And we are already doing that."


Sustainable rate of return

"Many building companies are already able now to realise energy neutral residential buildings, whereas this becomes obligatory not until 2020. Indeed, the first residential buildings that provide energy have already been built.

The newest and most sustainable technologies are applied and the buildings can be offered for a very attractive price. Another praiseworthy project in my opinion is the movable bridge across the Ramsdiep: the Ramspolbrug. This is an energy neutral bridge.

Thanks to 320 solar panels, and also during the slowing down of the movable part energy is recycled. Overcapacity of electricity supply is delivered to the power grid. I would like to see that more business cases will establish in the Netherlands. Sustainibility means more quality, turnover and an increased and sustainable rate of return. The market as well as the client requires that. Sustainable buildings and a sustainable infrasructure creates added value. In this area we should get ahead fast."